Gento Exhibition – Archeology of Projection Media

Under Saito’s direction, the Gento Exhibition exhibited hundreds of slides dating back to the Edo period that were stored at the Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum at Waseda University.  The Theatre Museum has a phenomenal collection of material to do with film before the invention of cinema, especially “gento” slides and shadowgraphs, which are forms of projection media that existed before cinema.

In this exhibition, not only were these materials exhibited, they were brought to life by utilizing their digital data to create interactive content, as well as video and media content, successfully showcasing the potential of projection media in both the past and present.

LUMINE “ReBORN” Campaign

It Moves! Card Animation

Putting finger – Book & Exhibition

Archeology of Projection Media

Discover Science, NHK ETV

Visualizing Earthquakes

Slush Tokyo 2017

CES 2015, Sony

IFA 2014, Sony

IFA 2015, Sony

MWC 2016, Sony

MWC 2017, Sony

Final Fantasy 14, Eorzean Orchaestra

amazarashi “Speed and Friction”

amazarashi “Digging Holes”

KANPAI Exhibition, KIRIN, Yokohama

EXILE Live Tour 2013 – EXILE PRIDE Opening Performance

Sonic User Interface, InterBEE 2019

Reborn, NHK ETV

Digital Contents Expo, Sony

NHK 831 Holographic Theater

Suntory HIBIKI Glass