NHKハートネットTV 「#8月31日の夜に」/


Client: NHK

Production: Abacus Inc.

Director: Tatsuya Saito

Saito planned and produced the TV show “#OnTheNightofAugust31st”, which was broadcast on national television in Japan.

September 1st is the day when the new school term starts in Japan, and teenage suicide rates peak on this day. The night before that day, on August 31st,  a place where teenagers could speak their hearts out was produced by merging TV broadcasting and digital technology. A system utilizing smartphone chats and holographic avatars was created in order to enable live communication while protecting the speakers’ privacy.

This visual performance was on air by live broadcasting on the Japanese national TV broadcasting company, NHK. The system was designed from both technical and artistic perspective to obtain robustness for that purpose.

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