Suntory HIBIKI Glass

HIBIKI Glass is the world’s first interactive whiskey glass, made to share Suntory HIBIKI’s uniqueness and craftsmanship of Japanese blended whiskey. It was created by embedding sensors into a glass cut and designed in a traditional Japanese style. The motion graphics on the Japanese sliding doors and sounds in the space changed in line with what the glasses were sensing.

Bar-like spaces for invited guests to experience this glass were set up in London, Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, and New York in time with the global launch of Suntory’s HIBIKI whiskey.

This advertisement received global recognition and won multiple awards.

  • New York ADC Gold Award
  • New York Festivals International Advertising Awards
  • 2015 Digital “Third prize award” The One Show
  • 2015 Digital “Gold Pencil” Ad Fest
  • 2015 Innova Lotus “Grande” Ad Fest
  • 2015 Lotus Roots “Grande” Ad Fest
  • 2015 Outdoor Lotus – Outdoor TV, Electronic Poster & Video “Gold” Ad Fest
  • 2015 Direct Lotus – Field Marketing “Silver” Ad Fest
  • 2015 Interactive Lotus – Best Use Of A Prototype Technology “Silver” The Tomorrow Awards
  • 2015 “Winner” AD STARS
  • 2014 Digital Design “Grand Prix” Spikes Asia
  • 2014 Promo & Activation – Other Digital Solutions In A Promotional Campaign “Bronze”

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